Monday, November 26, 2012

First image from V/H/S sequel S-VHS

And there said image is in all its gory goodness! Take a look at that!

I dug V/H/S a lot but don't know whether its worthy of a sequel. I suppose it all comes down to how it's handled. Thing is, the first was a decent attempt at a horror anthology using the found-footage format. I don't think that can be replicated well. Time will tell I suppose.

The sequel brings back writer/directors Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett and adds The Raid: Redemption helmer Gareth Evans, Eduardo Sanchez of The Blair Witch Project fame, Hobo With A Shotgun director Jason Eisener and Timo Tjahjanto.

The film is produced and financed by The Collective and Bloody Disgusting. The plot follows a pair of investigators who discover a tape while looking for a student.

Stick with us for more. Kudos to Arrow in the Head for the deets.

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