Saturday, October 6, 2012

UPDATED: Timeslip creator in semi-finals at Shriekfest

Few things make Shawn and I happier than seeing people we've featured in The Basement find success. And we interrupt your Canadian Thanksgiving weekend to tell you just such a story.

A few months back we screened the short film The Timeslip -- by the brotherly writing/directing duo of John and Richard Chance -- here on the site. It's a great short, and deserving of praise

Well, John (pictured) dropped The Basement a line letting us know his screenplay, Something Like a Phenomenon, made it into the semi-finals at Shriekfest 2012, the international horror and sci-fi film festival/screenplay competition on right now in Los Angeles! And to that we say "congrats, man!"

He was also kind enough to send a promo to show what the film could look like. It's embedded below. But first, here's the skinny on Something Like a Phenomenon:

For one year Harry Price has the key to the notoriously most haunted house in England. Borley Rectory. A notice in The Times is given to the public urging fifty candidates to exercise an experiment to find out the truth of the house. The bizarre accounts increase per group bound under contract to keep quiet. As the candidates enroll the house shadowed in mystery begins to take on a life of it's own. The public ever wondering if it was a publicity stunt. Was the one time magician and debunker of phenomena himself behind it all? The ever faithful and honorable paranormal investigator Sidney Glanville has it all in the unedited 'Locked Book' which the S.P.R can't wait to get their hands on.

Best of luck John! Shriekfest wraps tomorrow.

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