Monday, September 17, 2012

Full plot revealed for Billy Trigger

Who here's excited for the upcoming action flick Billy Trigger? All of you? Damn straight you are!

And with good reason too -- this is the first full-length feature financed by popular movie fansite and it stars actor/writer/director/DarkFest2012 guest John Fallon (The Arrow of Arrow in the Head) and blacksploitation star Fred Williamson. If that's not enough to get you pumped, we don't know what is.

The full plot synopsis for Billy Trigger hit today, and we're gonna lay it all out for you right now: Irish mobster Billy Trigger has been the O’Brien family’s number one enforcer for three years now. And for good reason: he is cold, calculating and relentless and has never tackled a job he couldn’t finish. His life is trouble-free and solitary and consists mainly of three things: loose women, doing the work and cashing in. That’s until Pops (Williamson), the head of the organization, hands him his next assignment. Trigger is tasked to look over Pops’ young mistress, Catherine (Pia Metni), while he’s away. Of course, nothing goes as planned and Trigger ends up on the wrong side of Pops’ esteem . . . What happens when the best in the business is pitted against the business? Place your bets!

Billy Trigger reunites Fallon with director Christian Viel. The two collaborated on Recon 2020, Recon 2022: The Mezzo Incident, Recon 2023: The Gauda Prime Conspiracy and the action film Deaden in 2006. 

Matthew Bennett of Battlestar: Galactica fame co-stars. Shooting begins in Montreal in mid-October with JCB Productions and Movie Seals Productions.

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