Monday, August 13, 2012

Shawn Joins The Men In Black

Shawn here.  Last night I finally took in Men In Black 3.

Are YOU a fan of these movies?  If so, it makes a good watch.  Same chemistry, same actors, same director, same (ish) writers..etc. Same feel, no surprises.

Felt familiar, yet offered something different.  There was a little more "people" violence for one, but still carried the chemistry of the previous two.

There is a bit more story here as well, a bit more complex, but an evolution of the other two movies.

I dug the other two.  Dug this one.  If you are a Men In Black "fanboy" or "fanperson" (for "political correctness"), then you likely have a gripe. Or two.  But the waaaaambulance is all tied up.

I don't have a gripe.  It was an easy enough movie to get into and wash my brain of the days' stresses. No "re introduction" of the characters, just story.

That said, the biggest satisfaction here was Josh Brolin.  He commanded a spectacular performance as the younger version of Tommy Lee Jones' character.  Nailing the same nuances Jones used to portray the character. Nicely done.  Tres believable.

I'm going to give it a Good, as I'll likely watch it again, and likely own a version too.

Taking on Battleship tonight.  Stay tuned, fuckers.

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