Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jason and Shawn review Race with the Devil

Two couples vacationing together in an R.V. from Texas to Colorado are terrorized after they witness a murder during a Satanic ritual. 

Jason: Wow. If any movie needs to be remade this is it. Not that there's anything wrong with Jack Sarrett's film. There's not. But there's so much potential here for a modernized version, if done right.

But let's stick to what works. Easy. The final 20 minutes are awesome. Just awesome. Why? You've got an old-school car chase with real stunt drivers driving real cars and trucks. And they roll, crash, collide and burn. Love it! No shaky cam, so you can see it all happen. Bad. Ass.

About that ending: I dug it, although it ruined my night. After everything these people go through -- the attacks, the snakes, the car chase -- just let them go guys. Really. You gotta burn them to death? Fuck you. Spoiler alert by the way.

But I admire that movies with endings like these were made in the 70s. Hollywood needs to take note, between Race with the Devil and Dirty Mary Crazy Larry I saw more chances taken than any Hollywood release in the last 10 years.

I'm giving this a Good. I'd actually watch it again, especially for the final car chase.

Shawn:  This is a straight up conspiracy bad-guy-good-guy-styled movie. It is a formula where the good guys can be anyone, and the bad guys could be anyone from the government to some cult, which is the case here.

It could be filmed anywhere, based on who you decided were the characters. Quite likeable after the shitfest, that was the other Peter Fonda movie we had to endure. Crazy Mary, Dirty Harry or some shit like that.

I quite enjoyed the practicality and, frankly, klutziness of the stunts too. Ha ha. Made it more intense, as that is how most people would react/act/behave. I hope.

I would have given this movie a Good back in 75. Except, I was 1. No adjusting for inflation here either. Bad. There are a slough of other movies in 75 that, looking back now, were better than this one. Example: Jaws.

I won't watch this again, but didn't consider suicide either while watching it.

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