Friday, August 10, 2012

Beware of Dragon Wasps

Movies like the upcoming Direct-to-DVD flick Dragon Wasps are the modern equivalent of the B-grade, drive-in, creature features of the 1950s. They're the Mihmiverse movies of today, only not loving throwbacks to films of old. 

This is modern crap, pure and simple.

Yet we love these movies in The Basement. And to director Joe knee's credit, he's pulled off some half-assed convincing CGI monster wasps. We'll know more about the final product when Dragon Wasps hits DVD on Sept. 24.

When her father mysteriously disappears on an expedition, beautiful entomologist Gina Humphries (Dominika Juliet) and her fiery assistant, Rhonda (Nikolette Noel), set out to search the rain forests of Belize. Due to numerous robberies and assaults in the jungle, they are escorted by heavily-armed soldiers. Guerillas, lead by the infamous Jaguar, ambush the convoy and incite a bloody shootout. Just when things can’t get worse, a horde of murderous Dragon Wasps, massive flying bugs that shoot flame from their abdomens, swarms the soldiers. Now the military must defeat Jaguar’s bandits and survive the fearsome insect onslaught as they venture inside the Dragon Wasps’ hive.

Here's the clip, and you know we'll be watching this shit early in Season Four.

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