Thursday, August 2, 2012

A look at Schwarzenegger in The Last Stand

No, it's not a trailer. Dammit. It's a picture of an old looking Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of his upcoming movie The Last Stand. And that's it.

But it's Ah-nuld, dammit! And no matter how old he gets, he will always be THE action hero of my youth. The fact that he's tackling action movies again puts a big old smile on my face. Big! 

Directed by I Saw the Devil's Jee-woon Kim, the film sees Schwarzenegger play a former LAPD officer who has retired to a quieter life in a small town called Summerton Junction, near the Mexican border. His big problems start when a drug kingpin (Eduardo Noriega) escapes police custody and makes a run for the border - with only Owens standing in his way. Desperate, he deputizes the locals to fill out his force as the druglord and his lieutenants loom ever closer.

I think this has a lot of potential. We'll see Arnold play his age, but still kick ass. It's the first of four Schwarzenegger movies due out in 2013, and I look forward to them all! 

The Last Stand arrives in theatres Jan. 18.

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