Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meet Wormface in this Rites of Spring clip

I've already chimed in with my thoughts on writer/director Padraig Reynolds' slasher effort Rites of Spring (it's freakin' great!), but most people won't get to see it until IFC Midnight unleashes this glorious beast on VOD and in limited theatres on Friday.

To hold you over until then, The Basement has scored this clip by way of the boys over at Bloody Disgusting. It features the villain of the piece, Wormface, making short work of one of the characters while leading lady Anessa Ramsey watches in terror.

As for what Rites of Spring is about: a ransom scheme turns into a nightmare for a group of kidnappers who become victims of a horrifying secret that must be paid every spring. 

This is a movie every horror fan needs to see, and Padraig has confirmed via Twitter that two more Rites of Spring films are on the way. Please, give this a watch and support good, original horror! We need more of it!

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