Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shawn takes on Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

It's cool that Downey Jr is so flexible.  I'm glad I didn't spend the whole movie wondering: "When is he going to put on his Iron Man suit?"

I was easily immersed in this movie.  It felt good, looked good, sounded good and had a great story behind it.

The neat thing, behind a movie like this, is that there are many tales that can continue to be told.  It's Sherlock Holmes!  Not uber exciting books, in my opinion, but filled with different mysteries.(not like I've actually read a book)

This did look pretty exciting on screen.  With that said, I did feel a little force fed.  It's as though the movie industry knows I would never watch it if it didn't have a 20th century spin on it.  IE: Bullet time, slow mo action scenes, awesome fight scenes...etc.(But here is a secret:  I would)

HEY! IS that the girl with the terrible titties?!  Yes it is!
I think she deserved far more responsibility in this movie.
Where I hated the Dragon Tattoo movies, she is still a great actress.  Sad they didn't use her a bit more here.

Take away the "flashyness" of this film, and it still would have been alright to watch.  I don't need to be force fed that much eye candy.  It almost detracted from the era the film was supposed to be set in.

I also wasn't as skirt blown by this one, as I was for the first one. It is definitely worth the watch.  But I likely won't watch it again, so gotta go with the Bad.

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