Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jason reviews Spiderhole

Shawn and I opted to sit down tonight and just watch a flick for shits and giggles with no intention of putting together a review for the site. But I am compelled to write this as a warning to Basement Dwellers everywhere: don't watch this British export! Don't! This is a study in bad. Which sucks as the idea -- a group of London squaters are trapped in an abandoned home with a malevolent force -- has potential. But the end result is not scary, gruesome or shocking. It's just stupid, with plot holes big enough to drive an aircraft carrier through. You know what, take a couple of trained dudes like Shawn and I and lock us in a house, we're going through a wall to get out. Rather a few splinters and broken bones than suffer through what the protagonists in this flick do. And I'm sorry, but an old geezer with knockout gas just isn't a scary villain. Spiderhole -- why'd they call it that by the way? -- is lame and, worst of all, boring. An Ugly from me. Waste not you time.

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