Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jason reviews 21 Jump Street

First off, never seen the TV series from which this is based, so I bring no baggage to the table that way. Not that a comedic spin on a late-80s cop show should warrant expectations beyond a few laughs and a breezy 90-minute running time.

Yes, the first 20 minutes of 21 Jump Street are fucking funny. And stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have a natural chemistry and comedic timing. Ditto Ice Cube, who almost steals the show as the man in charge of Jump Street. He's black, he's worked his ass off to be captain, and sometimes he gets mad. Represent!

Unfortunately, the rest of the flick doesn't hold up. There are laughs dispersed throughout the remaining 60 or so minutes, but, as is often the case with mainstream comedies, 21 Jump Street ends up taking itself too seriously. And the violence, which gets rough and bloody at times, is out of place given the film's otherwise lighthearted tone. One exception: a rather amusing car chase through L.A. See if you can guess which vehicle blows up.

I gotta give this a Bad. I liked it once, but that's it. Keep your eye holes peeled for a cameo by the series's original star, Johnny Depp.

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