Monday, June 25, 2012

Dude no one has heard of to star in Paranormal Activity 4

It's late June, which means there's a scant four months to go until Halloween. And with Halloween comes the promise of a new Paranormal Activity movie.

Given that the micro-budget franchise has pulled in half a billion dollars worldwide, it should come as no surprise that another PA installment is headed our way. These movies are ultra cheap and quick to shoot and they make money. That's a dream gig for Hollywood.

How this movie fits into the canon remains to be seen. The second film took place parallel to the first and the third was a prequel. Will this be a sequel to the prequel? Or carry on after the first movie? All we know is Katie, Kristi and Toby the Ghost will be back Oct. 19.

Today news broke that Matt Shively (above pic) is in talks to join cast as Alex. No idea who Alex is or how he fits into the story. But there will be some guy named Alex in the movie. As for Shively, he's been in something called April Apocalypse, which we haven't heard of.

Stay tuned for more. We're just glad that the presence of Katie all be insures Katie Featherston (below pic) and her boobs will make an appearance. That's right, Shawn and I are THAT guy!

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