Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beware . . . The Month From Hell!

When a movie promotes itself as the scariest of 2012, Basement Dwellers like Shawn and I take notice. Which is why it became our mission to land an interview with someone involved in the upcoming horror film Six Degrees of Hell.

Six Degrees has been featured on the site before, and we even had a story promoted on one of the actor's *Cough . . . Corey Feldman . . .Cough* official web page. The premise of director Joe Raffa and writer Harrison Smith's film has promise: Feldman is Kyle Brenner, a paranormal investigator retracing the steps of a friend and associate who has gone among the missing against the backdrop of horrific events at a creepy hotel.

Check this, today we interviewed Raffa, Smith and stars Nicole Cinaglia and Brian Gallagher and have one more interview scheduled at the end of August. All of these will be rolled out when the show returns in October, just in time for Six Degrees of Hell's release. So it's only fitting that October will be The Month From Hell in The Basement!

Stick with us!

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