Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ron Burgundy reporting live, again . . .

That's right.  Anchorman 2 recently released a trailer . . . ish or two.

Jason and I both loved the first one.  So when I saw a second one had been made, I couldn't help but to be a bit giddy.

As a day or two went by, and my contemplation and movie watching "experience" kicked in, I found myself unsure of the concept. Is it to make money? Or is it to feed the "Channel 4" fans? Or both?

What worries me most is the time it took to decide to make a sequel.  I put my money on . . . money.  But a bigger part of me is looking forward to learning the answer. Burgundy's character is classic, and the chemistry of the entire news team was perfect the first time. Can another, with a rumored 50-million dollar budget, pull it off?

I'll spend a buck or two to find out.  Then, I'll let you fuckers know. :)


  1. To be fair Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have wanted to do a sequel for years and everyone in the original thinks it's the best thing they've ever done it's just the first one didn't do well enough in the theatre box office for the studio to ok a sequel.
    Plus, even with it being a 'cult' hit, it took a long time for fans in general to catch up with true Burgundy believers and the cast itself that this is the best thing Ferrell has ever done! (which is personally what I think)
    Also Ferrell, McKay and the cast are all taking a pay cut to do this and could make a lot more coin doing Date Night 2 or Step Brothers 2 than they can doing Anchorman 2 so I have no doubt the cast & crew are doing it with the right intentions.
    Why the studio changed their mind? I have no idea and no one's saying...
    All that said, I am seriously not sure about a sequel but I am not 100% sure why I'm not sure... but more Burgundy is only a good thing. That's for sure :)

  2. Ha ha! As always, Diner Man, we appreciate your thoughts! Hopefully this will live up to potential - Jason