Friday, May 18, 2012

Jason reviews Chronicle

Superhero movies are a dime a dozen lately, but I've never seen anything quite like Chronicle before. Not only does it offer an original take on the comic-book style film, but it twists the found-footage genre in a totally new direction. We feel for the characters, especially our narrator Andrew, and understand why everything plays out as it does. There are no heroes and villains here, just people caught up in extraordinary circumstances. In that sense, Chronicle is, in a way, inspiring. But it also kicks serious ass, especially during the final act when director/co-writer Josh Trank pulls out all the stops and trashes Seattle in a superhero throwdown. And, by not relying on one camera to tell the story, we feel even more a part of the action than most films of this kind. Chronicle is superior storytelling, subverting the superhero genre and catering to its strengths, all at the same time. A Good from me.

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