Monday, April 30, 2012

Jason and Shawn review Exorcismus


Jason: Easily dismissed as just-another-exorcism movie, this spooky film actually has a lot more going for it than meets the eye. For one, it's not set in North America, so its got an international feel. And there's a few surprise twists and turns along the way that help. Throw more than one shorts shitting moment and a number of great performances -- especially that of leading lady Sophie Vavasseur -- and you've got a pretty solid horror outing. It's worth a watch, at least once, but that's about it. Even with my praise, this rates a Bad. Hey, some movies are just like that.

Shawn: It was a pretty slow build up, but had some great spine-tingling moments. Similar in feel to the original Exorcist, except not nearly as well done. Also, with The Exorcist, you had that fantastic score. Being raised with a Catholic background, these exorcist movies always intrigue me. I begged this movie to not let me down, but it didn't have any ground breaking, new additions to the run of an exorcist style film. In the end, this was like a giant movie trailer to me. I didn't end up with any cool vibes from this, when all was said and done. A Bad from this Basement Dweller

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