Sunday, April 29, 2012

An interview with actor/musician Courtney Gains

Say the name Courtney Gains to a horror fan and any one who is in the know will think of the original Children of the Corn, where he played Malachai, one of the ringleaders of the titular corn children.

He marked out quite a career for himself during the 80s with roles in Back to the Future, Hardbodies and Can't Buy Me Love and has been consistently busy ever since, most recently turning up in Sweet Home Alabama, Faster and the TV series My Name Is Earl.

But Gains is also an accomplished musician. And today marks the release of his album Ripple Street. So us Basement Dwellers thought it would be a cool idea to sit down with Courtney and talk a bit about his music and his movies.

Without  further adieu, here's a transcript of that conversation. And stick with us, you'll be hearing much of Courtney's music when we return to the air in October.

1) How long have you been involved in the music industry and what got your started?

Well, I picked up a guitar for my 13th birthday and never looked back. First band at 18, and put out my first CD, Gains Music from 1988 to 1999, a compilation of all the different projects I had played on up to that point.

2) What are your musical inspirations? What bands do you listen too?

My influences came from my environment. My father listened to jazz, my mother showtunes, my older brother 60s and 70s rock and the chicano neighborhood listening to oldies. Music was all around me. Now a days I am listing to a lot of blues.

3) Talk a bit about your latest album. What is it called? Are there any recurring themes that come through it?

The EP is the self-titled debut RIPPLE STEET. When this band came together I had just gone through a very tough break up and the songs written were therapy for me. Music has always been a way for me to express things I could not put into words directly. So this is a hurt and angry break-up record.... lol.

4) Where can people find your music? Is the latest album out of for sale yet?

We go digital today, iTunes, Amazon etc. You can also check us out on
5) You haven't always been a musician. In fact, our fans might remember you from the movies Children of the Corn, Back to the Future and, most recently, Faster. Are you focusing more on music or film?

I started to study acting and music at the same age, so I have always been doing both. But the acting career is the one that broke first. I enjoy both very much. In acting, I get to become someone else. In music, I get to explore myself a little deeper, if that makes sense?

6) What's it like being associated which such iconic films as Children of the Corn and Back to the Future?

I was a teenage actor just trying to do the best work I could. Who knew these project would become 80s classics. It is nice to be part of something bigger than yourself, something that lives on.

7) You got your start in the horror genre with Children of the Corn? Are you a fan of the genre? What's your favourite horror film?

COTC was my big break in Hollywood, my first film and it has forever changed my life. I don't have a favourite genre , I just love a good story that I can get lost in. Best horror film of all time: The Exorcist. It scared the crap out of me as a kid.

Alright that's it. Thanks for the Q & A. Take care. CG

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