Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jason and Shawn review: Sinners and Saints and Texas Killing Fields

Sinners and Saints

Jason: This is a great action movie. A loving throwback to the hardcore, R-rated buddy cops movies of the late 80s and early 90s. Reckless cop with nothing to lose partnered with the stable family guy. Profanity and graphic violence ensues. Sold! We've got a great gunfight and a dozen or so F-bombs in the first five minutes. Then a number of stellar, old-school shoot outs, explosions and chases thrown in throughout. No shaky cam, just straight up action from people who knew what they were trying to achieve. Don't remake Lethal Weapon. Put Sinners and Saints in 3,100 theatres and make three sequels. I'd love to see Riley and Ganz kicking ass and taking names in a series of movies. Good!

Shawn: I'm reminded vaguely of a movie here. Straight-arrowed, black cop, assigned a crazy, nothing-to-live for, on-the-edge, ex-special forces partner. Sound familiar? Lethal Weapon maybe? Some Bad Boys and Boondock Saints mixed in. And voila. Awesomest movie in a long time. Sure it had a shortcoming or two, but that didn't hamper the experience for me. And if you are like me, you will like this. But don't jump to be like me. I am simple. Simple demands, though there were no boobies, there was violence. And this movie gets a Good, and more watches.

Texas Killing Fields

Jason: A movie that grows on you as it rolls along but never fully engages. This is a work where the parts are better than the whole, which means it's watchable but not completely satisfying. Big fan of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and he does good work here. I can relate to his tortured soul and desire to do the right thing, even though the bodies in the fields technically aren't his problem. What is a problem are all the loose ends left by the time the movie plays out. Sure, the main story is resolved, but too much else is left hanging. The film is well made and well acted, but the screenplay lets everyone down. A Bad from me.

Shawn: Probably one of the more acclaimed movies that we’ve ever watched. Big names, likely a big budget. The movie was well shot, extremely well acted, well put together, well directed. There were a few slips in time that had me confused a bit near the beginning. However, there really wasn’t much wrong with this movie. For many, this would likely a perfect movie. I was decently entertained, but already knew the outcome, within about 20 minutes. It was also a longer movie than it needed to be. I didn’t mind the watch, but it wasn’t a Good. It was a Bad. For me.

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