Friday, March 23, 2012

Creature and Absentia

Hot chick? Check. B-grade monster movie? Check. Jason and Shawn are in The Basement? Hells yeah!

Clearly, fans know by now that it doesn't take much to get the Basement Dwellers into a movie. Some boobs, blood and a hottie or three and these guys are pretty much a guaranteed show. So it's no surprise they have the old-school monster movie Creature on the chopping block this eve.

How old school? The monster is actually played by a man in a suit. Take that, CGI! And the hotties who become prey to said low-tech beast are Serinda Swan (above) and Lauren Schneider. But, in the case of Creature, is a guy in a rubber costume and a couple of scantily clad babes enough to keep the Basement Boys interested for 90 minutes of so? Stick with us!

Then the Dynamic Duo of Crap Cinema turn their attention to a supernatural scare film that's actually getting good buzz in the horror community: Absentia. Mike Flanagan's tale has won oodles of awards and been called "haunting and beautiful" by Arrow in the Head. Now it's Jason and Shawn's turn to weigh in.

Tonight's recording session will also feature the last review of the season by Mike S, another edition of movie news and some songs for your ear holes. Our mad tweeter will keep fans up to date on the action at @camethebasement. You can follow the tweets there.

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