Sunday, February 12, 2012

Doghouse: Micro Review

So with 4 gin and tonics, 2 beer in my system, I decided to watch this movie.  I have seen it on Netflix for months and always bi-passed it.  I just wasn't interested in seeing a low low budget zombie movie.  But then, something got the better of me.

This movie started out pretty decent, with good acting and some funny, yet dark, UK humor.  Almost felt a little Shaun Of The Dead ish.  Just darker.

As this movie progressed and gave little hints of what was to come, I started really enjoying it and hoped they didn't let down with cheese zombies.

Wow, they sure didn't let down.  They had a surprisingly good budget for gore and blended it nicely.   There weren't hoards of the zombie - demon ish women, but there were a lot.  I was completely satisfied with every step of this movie and wished I had watched it sooner.

Does everyone survive?  I don't know, but I really dug the ending too.  For any zombie lover, I recommend this movie.  It is a buddy movie, too.. More fun with booze and friends.  Yet still solid.  I could easily give this cult classic status.  Just needs a cult. haha.  Good in my books.

Shawn from the Basement out.

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