Monday, January 30, 2012

Captain America: First Avenger. Micro Review.

This is Shawn from the basement, reporting live, from the....basement.

We have the technology, the story already exists, and all we need is the movie.

Let's face it:  All these superhero movies are fully capable of executing EVERYTHING the comics books etc, portrayed.  Right? Right?

Save for the excitement and fun of the comic's, cartoons etc.  This movie was slow, boring and when the action kicked in, it really wasn't enough to pull me back from the boredom.  Here's a clue.  The majority of the people, that will watch all these superhero movies, are already fans of said hero. 

We don't need umpteen million reboots and / or a drawn out re introductions of said characters.  They aren't that complex.  Make a movie from the prospective of the villain, then you can build up a huge story as to why he's bad.

The only thing that impressed me was the small Chris Evans.
There were some cool parts from this movie for sure, but in between them, there were a lot of boring parts.

Bad from this basement dweller.

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