Monday, December 5, 2011

The most kills ever put on film?

That's what the makers of The Summer of Massacre are claiming. Between it and the alleged scariest movie of 2012 -- Six Degrees of Hell -- next year is shaping up to be big one for horror fans!

Directed by Joe Castro, this anthology features eight slasher killers in five horror stories that, when combined, feature the most killings ever put on film! So says the Guinness Book of World Records. Some of them are featured in the bloody trailer below.

The cast includes genre veteran Brinke Stevens and ChromeSkull himself, Nick Principe. Does the plot of all five stories really matter? No. Not when the film claims to have the most kills ever put on screen.

I'm not much for violence for violence sake, but this has instantly become a must see! We like our slasher movies bloody in The Basement, and this promises to be bloody.

Just how bloody? Push play and find out. And thanks to JoBlo for finding the trailer for this potential classic. The film hits DVD and Blu-Ray Jan. 10!


  1. Hi, I'm the executive producer of THE SUMMER OF MASSACRE. Thanks for the mention. BTW, yes. The claim is real. The Guinness World Records site does not have the claim on their website yet since it is so new but take a look at our awards and the Guinness certificate on our Facebook page. Do a search for THE SUMMER OF MASSACRE or go to our website

  2. Thanks for stopping by Steve! Our pleasure. And this is a movie we need to see ASAP!