Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jason and Shawn review The Shrine and Needle

The Shrine

Jason: The last 20 or so minutes of this movie owned! Creepy. Gory. You name it. Good on Aaron Ashmore's character for stepping up like he did. Good on the Polish villagers for being who they are. And good on Cindy Sampson for never once hesitating to show her cleavage. We love sexy in The Basement, and she brings it. This is a solid, eerie horror movie with one of the creepiest statues put on film. A Good for The Shrine from me.

Shawn: The first 12 minutes of this movie captivated me and gave me chills. We had a naked shower scene and a great scare. If the movie had ended there, it would have been a Good. The middle of this movie left me yawning, bored and not entertained at all. But the ending brought the thrills back. I though the whole concept was alright, but the execution was a bit sloppy. This movie had potential; potential that was not realized. A Bad for me.


Jason: Needle is a passable enough time waster. Something to watch on a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon with a few beers and no regrets. But you'll never watch it again and likely forget about it soon after the credits roll. The film tried too hard to make us believe one character is the killer. So much so that we're actually looking for a possible killer elsewhere. I wanted more from Needle. More gore. More scares. More of Tahyna Tozzi's boobs. I'm giving it a Bad, but there are worse ways to spend 90 minutes.

Shawn: This is a fairly original movie. Not completely original as ideas are spun off of other ideas, but kudos for trying. There's some cool deaths, a magic voodoo box and hot lesbians. Cool! Because of the cool ideas alone I almost gave this a Good without consideration. But I felt indifferent to who lived and died and figured out who the killer is right from the get go. I won't watch this again, so I'm giving it a Bad. I recommend it for some gore and a little originality, but it won't blow your skirt up.

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