Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jason and Shawn review: Attack the Block and Kidnapped

Attack the block

Jason: I'd rather watch a movie with juvenile thugs as the main characters than rich, pretentious white people. I'm talking about YOU Skyline. These are the kinds of people you want protecting the planet: real people who, despite being scared, ACT. They know how to defend themselves and their block. They kick ass. Lots of it. And they're about 15 years old. This is a fucking awesome movie! Gory. Scary aliens. Chases. Some good one liners. A fun ride! Better than most movies of its kind. A Good for me.

Shawn: Aliens attacking a neighborhood in the UK. Your heroes? 15-year-old gang kids. Likely? Probably more likely than Hollywood types could imagine. Why? Rich, pretentious 20 somethings don’t make good heroes. But, tough ghetto kids take their beef to anyone that might infringe on their territory, terrestrial or not. I really dig this movie. It has great chemistry, great acting, is well put together, and there's cool aliens. Done. Stuff blew up. Good.


Jason: Dude watched this first and told me I would fucking love it. He was right. I did! Where to begin? First off, I dig the way it was shot. Lots of long tracking shots to give it a documentary feel. Also love the split screen. It ramps up the tension and the thrills. Some sequences almost knocked me out! And the ending? Killer! Left me spinning on me heals and feeling like I'd been punched in the stomach. Not for the faint of heart or fans of mainstream cinema. Kidnapped pulls no punches and takes no prisoners. It's a Good. I gotta watch it again!

Shawn: This movie reminded me of The Strangers in a lot of ways. But I was equally reminded that it totally isn’t that film. Yes, it's a home-invasion flick and it really wasn't the fastest moving movie. But it has great tension and FAR better scenarios than most movies. It went the distance and delivered with an incredible ensemble of violence and release at the end. Not your typical feel-good ending, but an ending that satisfies the pace and build. Definitely a Good from me.

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