Saturday, November 5, 2011

Win A Chat With A Scream Queen Round 2

Last night's episode saw three people advance to Round Two of our contest and, as of this writing, one person on his way to the third and final round!

Below are the three Round Two questions that, if answered correctly, will earn some lucky duck a five-minute talk with scream queen Brooke Lewis!

1) Who played Wishmaster in Wishmaster and Wishmaster 2?

2) Two part questions: what was Michael Myers's niece's name and who is the actress who played her?

3) Who is the first person killed in Scream 3?

Winners of this round proceed to Round Three. Podcast versions of the radio show are available on the Sunday. For more contest details, follow the link at the top of the blog to our scream queen page! Stick with us!

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