Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shopping horror will be Laid to Rest

Because Robert Hall, the co-writer and director of Laid to Rest and its sequel ChromeSkull, is remaking the 1980s campy horror flick Chopping Mall.

Now, we hate remakes and reboots in The Basement, but Hall knows how to make a good gore film. And Hall says he wants to put an original spin on Roger Corman's tale. We're fine with that. The best remakes take something and make it their own.

The original featured a group teens raving it up in a closed mall only to be attacked by the building’s security robots. Hall told Variety he wants to add a darker, more supernatural spin to the story. Again, sounds groovy.

I admit I've not seen the original, but will now so I can compare/contrast when Hall's Chopping Mall hits theatres. And, as long as there's boobies and blood, I know us Basement Dwellers will be satisfied.


  1. Such a classic. Though goremaster as Hall may be, I'm not sure "reimagining" this particular flick in his particular style would be to my liking.

  2. Having not seen the original, it's hard for me to say. I gotta get on that! Thanks for commenting, Mr. Holmes :)