Friday, November 25, 2011

Modern/Retro 50s Night Vol. 1: Attack of the Moon Zombies and Destination: Outer Space

Months back writer/director Christopher R. Mihm contacted The Basement via email and asked if they'd be interested in reviewing some of his movies, which are loving throwbacks to the 1950s sci-fi/horror films he grew up with. 

These are movies like Village of the Damned, The Blob and Them! Cheap, drive-in fodder designed to do nothing more than entertain. The Basement Cinema of a bygone era. 

Always up for a challenge, Jason and Shawn took Mihm up on his offer and present to you the first of three episodes dedicated to his work that will air throughout the season, culminating in an interview with the man himself . . . unless The Basement Dwellers are unimpressed and Mihm unimpressed with them being unimpressed. Got that? Good.

The two looowwwwwww budget films on the chopping block tonight are sci-fi "epics" the likes of which have never graced the screen! A pair of spectacles designed to thrill, chill and bewilder in ways Basement Fans have not experienced until now! They are Attack of the Moon Zombies and Destination: Outer Space!

Even Mike S. gets in on the action, bringing listeners his thoughts on the 1950s drive-in classic Them! Plus there's a slew of music new and old and some other goodies to put you in a movie watching mood! This! Is! Radio! The! Way! It! Was! Meant! To! Be!

Tune in tonight at 10 p.m. PST on, Shaw Cable 106.1 and the old fashioned way at 92.5FM CFBX Kamloops. The Basement demands it to be so!

Now for a look at tonight's films:

Attack of the Moon Zombies

Destination: Outer Space

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