Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jason and Shawn review: Bellflower and The People Vs. George Lucas


Shawn: I’m pretty sure Mel Gibson is still cooler than this movie, even at 90 years old. Sure, there were some elements that were OK: flamethrowers, flamethrowing hot rod, a little violence, and some boobies. But then there was this whole butt hurt love story that got in the way. And there are "time-travelly" sequences so the filmmakers could do anything they wanted with the movie. I hated Bellflower so much. I can’t even explain. Boo-urns and Ugly. This is not a good week in The Basement for this dweller.

Jason: Last hour and 45 minutes I spend watching a movie before my kid is born and this is what I get? Come on!! This movie goes nowhere. There is no beginning, middle or end. It views people through a nihilistic lense and most of the characters are ultimately pathetic. And, by the end, I doubt a portion of what I watched was even real. How much of this movie was bullshit in the lead character's mind post car accident? Most I assume. Had this been a black comedy about a bunch of Mad Max fans, Bellflower would have worked. As a romantic drama, it doesn't We leave romance to the chick flicks. An Ugly for me.

The People Vs. George Lucas

Shawn: George Lucas ruins his own shit. That’s fine. It is his. I’m not a Star Wars nerd or whatever. I’m pretty sure I beat some of those people up. Not because I’m jealous of their awesome cardboard light sabers, but because sometimes an asshole just needs a good shot. This documentary is retarded. It spends two hours bashing the guy and at the end says “WE STILL LOVE YOU, GEORGE!”. This is an UGLY ugly documentary.

Jason: Wow, did the first 15 minutes or so freak me out! I don't care what a bunch of scary looking movie nerds think. All you do is make me feel bad for loving Star Wars. Sorry. You do. But the rest of the documentary is great. The makers are able to put together a decent argument for the fans who, like me, feel slighted by Lucas and for those who support Lucas's right to treat HIS creation his way. I see both points clearly. That's a good doc! This is funny, informative and entertaining. And it's a Good!

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