Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jason and Shawn review: Aaah! Zombies!! and Bunraku

Aaah! Zombies!!

Jason: Ha ha! What a riot! In a silly, gory sense of the word. Although Aaah! Zombies!! isn't my favourite zomcom -- Shaun of the Dead and Dance of the Dead are better -- this is still an entertaining flick. One to watch with a few beers and some bros. It's hard to say a lot more about this movie other than funny is funny. And Aaah! Zombies!! is funny. The fact the concept of zombies who don't realize they are zombies can sustain itself for 90 minutes speaks to how good this really is. And it's a Good for sure.

Shawn: Um, are you kidding me? What the fuck is this? A little-known director puts together an original zombie story? Is this where you have to go to find decent movies? Aaah! Zombies!! is a fucking ridiculous spin on zombies that works in so many ways. While it isn't a horror, it's goddamned entertaining! The acting pulls this whole thing together. It was soooo B, but it's also the reason this Basement Dweller suffers through the shittiest movies on earth. I do it to find these gems. A Good!


Jason: This is a movie where style is everything and there is no substance beyond the glorious eye candy and pure badassery of it all. It's like Repo without the opera, Bitch Slap without the bitches and Sin City without all the sin. I dug the fight scenes a lot and there's one about every eight minutes. As a film school grad, I like the fact that this whole movie is made to look like it was shot in one continuous take. That took some careful planning and editing. In fact, the more I think about Bunraku, the more I dig it. And that alone earns it a Good.

Shawn: It took me a week and a half to write this review. I don't know why. At first, I didn't like it. Then I was all "oh yes you do" then "oh no, you don't." What do I like? Do I like simple? Yep. Do I like martial arts? Yep. Do I like blood? Yep. This has all of that, but I think the look of the movie and everything going on in the background messed with my head. This is a damn good movie, as I've watched it twice now. I was more used to the style the second time. Good for me.


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