Thursday, October 6, 2011

More projects rise From the Grave

For a dead guy, William Castle keeps pretty busy. So busy he's beginning to make us living folk look bad . . . and lazy.

He's got three books to release this month and a slate of  TV and movie projects in the making, which makes us in The Basement tingle with excitement because the world needs more William Castle!

But Castle isn't alone on these projects, his very much alive daughter Terry is on board, having written one of the three books that hits stores this month. 

The titles include House on Haunted Hill: A William Castle Annotated Screamplay, which will be published on Halloween, and two young adult horror novels -- From the Grave: The Prayer (which we read and reviewed here) and FearMaker: Family Matters, which Terry wrote.

But the newly formed William Castle Productions (see the logo above. It's beautiful) isn't stopping there. Also on the way is Spine-Tingler: The Musical, which is about William Castle and horror films, as well as a feature adaptation of the 1960 sci-fi novel The Mind Thing which was originally optioned by Castle. 

Terry is also developing The Toothless Dead, a screenplay she wrote with Dan Dillard, and the TV series Animus, which is based on the last story her father developed before he died in 1977. The sci-fi series is described as a mix of The X-Files and The Walking Dead. Sold!

To learn more about these projects, just head on over to Castle's blog! And stay tuned right here for more details as they rise . . . From the Grave!


  1. I'm definately looking forward to seeing how these project develop! :D

  2. Thanks for writing this. It is all very exciting.

  3. My pleasure Bill! I look forward to seeing what William Castle Productions has in store for us!