Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jason and Shawn review: ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 and Troll Hunter

ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2

Jason: Best. Slasher. Sequel. Ever. There, I said it. This is an original piece of work, at least for the genre. Yet it gives fans what they want: more blood, more gore, and cooler kills. Yet there are ideas at work here. Hell, the main villain, ChromeSkull, has a pit crew -- a whole network of people working for him. No wonder he can pull off what he does! Even Brian Austin Green was good here. He was creepy, messed up, and a total wanna-be ChromeSkull. The little game of Who Is the Better Killer that he and the original play is F-ing cool. ChromeSkull is quickly becoming one of my favourite slasher villains, and this film lands firmly in the Good. For shizzle.

Shawn: Hey, isn't that the guy from Beverly Hills 90210? Nice! This picked up right where we left off at the end of Laid to Rest. That's cool! No re-entry story. No useless movie foreplay. Just continue with the goods . . . straight to a shower scene and the T and A. Oh horror movie, you know me so well! And ChromeSkull and his "apprentice" make some stellar kills. Once again, a Laid to Rest movie delivers what we're here for. But the best part about this movie is that there can be a third. I could handle some more killing. The kills are paced out nicely in these movies and don't get boring, unlike the Saw movies. Definitely a Good.

Troll Hunter

Jason: TRROOOOOLLLLLLLL! That will never get old. This is one of the few found-footage films that gets it right. We see enough of the monsters, the camera doesn't shake so much that we get motion sickness, and not too much time is wasted on the boring humans. Actually, the humans are kinda interesting! And I believed everything I saw in this movie, even though it's 100 bullshit. By the time this movie was done, I was convinced trolls exist, at least in Norway. That's the sign of a great movie, people. Hollywood take note: this is great entertainment. Don't remake it, just give it a wide release and you'll make the millions you so desire. A Good from The Basement on this.

Shawn: This movie is wicked! And though the trolls are computer-generated images, they look great! They look like typical trolls from all those books. But bigger, and a little scarier. I love how things play out here, with the bears and the conspiracy theories. I also like how it's a documentary about an average worker frustrated with aspects of his job, pay, demands etc. . . . but he's a troll hunter. Troll hunters have the same complaints as a blue collar worker, even though the line of work is unique. I was really surprised by this movie, pleasantly so, and Hollywood can learn a thing or two from it. This is Good!

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