Monday, October 31, 2011

Get the Halloween scared out of you with Anna

In the immortal words of Charles Cyphers, "It's Halloween. Everyone is entitled to one good scare." And we've got one of those for you right here.

Matthew Solomon created and stars in Anna, a horror short shot entirely, and simultaneously in London and Los Angeles, on Skype. It's a found-footage film about a couple relocating to L.A. only to discover their apartment is already occupied. Lisa-Marie Long, Killebrew-Mason and Sadie Ella Solomon also star.

And, if you'll take a gander at the nifty poster to your left, you'll notice the first endorsement from The Basement to ever appear on a movie poster! How cool is that? Very cool! Thank you Matthew. We're honoured to be a part of this special little horror film.

But enough chatter. It's time to scroll down, push play, watch and enjoy! I've posted my thoughts on Anna below the embed.

Anna is a creepy twist on the found-footage genre that will have you checking over your shoulder by the final frame. Sure, we've seen similar movies before, but by using Skype the way Solomon does, the film is given an added layer of realism most feature films of this type don't have. In about 10 minutes we get to know these characters, like them and then have our nerves played with in such a primal way that this horror hound was left wanting more. This is a fun and inventive ghost story that has earned a Good from The Basement. Now, give us some more, Solomon!