Saturday, September 10, 2011

Micro Review: Blitz

A very different Jason Statham movie. Sure, he plays the toughest of guys and puts foot to ass several times in this cops versus serial killer movie. But this isn't the kind of glorious over-the-top action fest one expects from Hollywood's only working badass. Blitz is more drama than action film, and Statham gives one of his better, more polished performances. I also liked Aidan Gillen's psycho killer and Zawe Ashton's junky cop. This is a solid movie, well made and sharply written with more going on than meets the eye. And I really enjoyed the London setting. That's London in the U.K., not London Ont. Those who only want to see Statham punch and kick things will be disappointed. Us fans who want the man to have a long career in the movies will dig it a lot. Blitz rates a Good for me.

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