Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jason and Shawn review: Super


Shawn: Sat down with Anthony Michael Bosa to watch Super. We weren't expecting anything fantastic. In reality we were thinking it would be much like Defendor: fooled by previews, yet again. And, based on the people involved in this movie, my expectations were low. So that helped the enjoyment level for me. I actually was quite amazed the places this movie went. Kudos to them. A lot of the circumstances and situations were amusingly uncomfortable without being criminal. That I liked. I liked this movie a lot and I hated this movie a lot. It wasn't uber emotional either was mostly bland feeling .Yet it was still entertaining enough to pay attention to. That said, I MUST give this movie a Bad.

Jason: Where do I even begin with Super? On the one hand it's a balls out black comedy about super heroes. On the other it has something to say about life and how we need to live it. But the laughs and messages are mixed into a cold, morally confused story that can't decide if it likes the main character or not. Is he crazy? Do we sympathize with him, laugh at him, or dislike him? I'm not sure. And the detachment I felt towards our hero prevented me from being fully engaged in Super. I did laugh a lot and appreciate how far writer/director James Gunn was willing to go at times. And the the film does have one of the best happy/twist endings I've seen. But I don't know if I will watch Super again, which means this is a Bad for me.

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