Friday, August 5, 2011

A trailer, UK poster for A Lonely Place To Die

Melissa George is rapidly becoming the modern era's new scream queen. If you have any doubt check out Triangle, Touristas and 30 Days of Night. And the new British thriller A Lonely Place To Die intends to continue that trend.

The film, which also stars Ed Speelers (Eragon), Sean Harris (Harry Brown), and Karel Roden (The Bourne Supremacy), centers on a group of five mountaineers hiking and climbing in the Scottish Highlands. The group discovers a young Serbian girl buried in a small chamber in the wilderness and become caught in a terrifying game of cat and mouse with the kidnappers as they try to get the girl to safety.

I've always liked George, and the premise sounds great. The trailer doesn't quite sell me on this, but we all know how trailers can lie.

A Lonely Place To Die will be released in the UK later this year. Hopefully the film makes its way Stateside.

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