Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jason and Shawn review: John Carpenter's The Ward

John Carpenter's The Ward

Jason: I hadn't heard much good buzz heading into The Ward and feared it would be more Ghosts of Mars than Halloween. My fears were unwarranted. While it's not the classic that Halloween or even The Fog and The Thing became, it's better than many of his later efforts. And Carpenter still has a command of the scares and slow-burn tension that made his earlier works so scary. He takes a pretty standard story and makes it live with decent characters, solid performances and more than a few frights. A Good from me on this one John. Don't wait 10 years to make another movie.

Shawn: I only have two complaints about this movie: no John Carpenter score and a boobless shower scene. Why would you put a bunch of hotties in the shower and not show their boobs? Otherwise, this was awesome. It was fantastic. It didn't feel like a John Carpenter movie at first, but it sure kicked in like one by the end. And how about that ending!?! Talk about a mind fuck! I liked all the characters and even liked Mandy Lane herself, Amber Heard. I don't usually like her, she's the hot girl right now, but she was good here. And so is The Ward . . . a Good!


  1. It was certainly good enough for me to re-watch it when I was house sitting for you. LOL