Saturday, August 20, 2011

Get ready to scream, scream for your lives!

Last Halloween we in The Basement had a most unique interview from beyond the grave, and it changed our lives forever.

That's when psychic Mike S., Shawn and I shared the spotlight with the late, great filmmaker William Castle and spent about 60 bone-chilling minutes discussing his life, films and legendary promotional gimmicks.

Well, the spirit of the movie visionary has been a busy little ghost since then, entertaining thousands of fans on Facebook and overseeing two more editions of Scare It Forward. And he's penned a book about his return from the dead, a tale that is 100 per cent true -- From The Grave: The Prayer.

Castle has teamed up with horror magazine Fangoria for a contest that will earn three lucky winners a free copy of the book plus a classic piece of memorabilia from the Castle vaults. All you have to do is scream . . . scream for your lives!

So pick up your cellphone, webcam or other video-recording device and film yourself doing your best horror movie scream. Give 'er all you've got! Then send the MPEG to Castle and his daughter, Terry Castle, will determine the winners and the video will appear online at

Mike S and I already have our copies and Shawn is confident his screams will earn him his, but that leaves two more people out there who have a shot at a free copy of From the Grave: The Prayer. We suggest you get screaming!

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  1. I'll be working on my scream this weekend! :D