Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wolf Creek 2 a go-go

The first Wolf Creek, an Australian serial killer movie, bothered me. Not because it was bad, because it was too damn effective. There's one sequence I'll simply call Head On A Stick that, for whatever reason, made me feel physically ill.

The low-budget effort, made for about $1 million U.S., cleared $50 million worldwide. So guess what? A sequel is coming featuring the further adventures of outback sicko Mick Taylor. No world yet on what it's about, but I'm intrigued. Especially after writer/director Greg McLean tells Empireonline that it will be bigger and nastier than the first, which was pretty nasty.

Wolf Creek 2 starts shooting in February. No word yet on if Dimension Films, which distributed the first Wolf Creek in North America, will pick it up. Here's the preview for the original as a reference point:

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