Thursday, July 7, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Micro Review

Here is the third installment of the Transformers series.  THE summer blockbuster.  Or is it?

This dweller took in the movie in 2 D style, as that was the option at my local theater, and consumed copious amounts of popcorn in the 2 and a half ish hours of the films duration.

I am a bit of a fan of the Transformer movies.  Mostly, the physical tiredness associated with all three films, after watching them for the first time.  A-C-Tion packed.

Sure, like the others, this movie had plot holes.  It had holes in the return of some characters and lack of others.  Also there was a pretty pointless role with John Malkovich, yet still awesome for any Malkovich fan...which we in the basement are.

That said, they could probably erase "Revenge of the Fallen" (WHAT REVENGE!?) and just keep these two.  This movie, was by far, the best in the series.  The story was a bit weak and a bit of a stretch in some aspects, but the spectacle was unrivaled and made up the difference.  The robots were more distinguishable during battle with each other, and kept in clear, clean focus. I'm sure that was a troublesome feat for the special effects crew.  It looked WAY better and was much easier to soak in.

And though this film kept the same rating as the other 2 in the franchise, I will not be allowing my children to watch this one, as I have the others.  The violence was significant and FINALLY ventured more, into the reality (ha), as if giant robots were trying to take over the earth. Or do battle on it.  Ever wondered what would happen to a person if a giant sentient robot blasted them with their blasters?  You'll see it here.  This movie was far more hard hitting than its prequels, and by far, my favorite of the trilogy.

I'm not sure where they could go with the franchise, now that they seemed to have mastered the effects, and that is too bad.  Although, I am happy to see that Shia LaBeouf is through.  His character is wasn't really all that necessary in the second and third installments.

 I was shock and awed into giving this a good.  Despite all its "Hollywoodness"

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