Monday, July 11, 2011

The Thing prequel gets a poster

Summer is a slow ass time for movie news, which is why The Basement is churning out stories featuring posters and stills instead of any actual hard-core news. But we're not apologizing. We never apologize in The Basement. Wanna fight about it?

Below is the teaser poster for the upcoming prequel to The Thing. That's right, it's not a remake of John Carpenter's horror classic, which was in turn a remake of the Howard Hawk's 1950s chiller. It's a prequel. Well, I guess we could classify it as yet another version of the short story Who Goes There? which the previous versions were based on, by why get that much into it?

The latest telling of the tale is due out in October and takes place at the Norwegian research facility where Kurt Russell and company found the nasty alien in Carpenter's original. The poster below is pretty stark and cool, and I have no issues with another Thing movie being made because it's technically an adaptation of the short story. It would be like me bitching about another telling of Hamlet. That's right, I mentioned Shakespeare and sci-fi monsters in the same sentence. Wanna fight about it?

By the way, the film stars genre favourite Mary Elizabeth Winstead, which is why there's a picture of her above. That's right, we're using sex to sell our stories. Wanna fight about it?

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  1. Nah, I don't want to fight you... you give me beer for the things I do for you guys. :P