Friday, July 8, 2011

A slight change in plans . . .

We've talked long and loud about the fact we're reviewing the killer scarecrow movie Husk for our July Special, but some things have transpired against us.

For one, holidays loom for Shawn and I, meaning we have to get our review out of the way tonight. It could also mean the special will land before our planned launch of July 31. We'll keep you posted.

Secondly, we've had some trouble finding the film. The Basement has contacts everywhere who send movies our way. We're working on Husk, but because we're doing our review this eve, we don't have time to wait. But fear not, when we find it, we're reviewing it. No two ways about it.

Lastly, four words: Hobo With A Shotgun. That's right, we've got our grubby mitts on the ultra violent, ultra weird Rutger Hauer grindhouse epic and we're going review it for you, Constant Listeners. We'll let you know what we think when we release The July Special on your ear holes. It will be a lot more fun than I just made it sound, trust me.

Stick with us!


  1. I've heard mixed things about "Hobo With a Shotgun"- but mostly about the logic holes in it. But it's Rutger Hauer... gotta see it. LOL

  2. All I can say right now, because I don't want to give away the goods, is logic has no place in this movie.