Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A poster, release date for Grave Encounters

Found footage horror films are all the rage these days thanks to the huge success of Paranormal Activity and its sequel. And, unlike 3D, the gimmick still has some life left in it if the preview for Grave Encounters is any indication of the finished movie.

Written and directed by The Vicious Brothers (Best. Stage. Name. Ever.), Grave Encounters follows a reality TV show like Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State as the cast enters a haunted asylum. The crew quickly discovers the building is more than haunted -- it's alive! And it has no intention of letting them leave.

The poster is above. The trailer below. The film hits theatres in New York and Los Angeles Aug. 19. Audiences can start demanding it on the film's official website Aug. 25. The Basement might have to get behind that effort and bring the film to The 'Loops.

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