Thursday, July 14, 2011

A change is coming . . .

And one for the better, at least as far as we in The Basement are concerned.

For more than a year Shawn, myself and, from time to time, colleagues Anthony Michael Bosa and Mike S. from The Corner of Terror have plugged away at this blog bringing you the latest movie news and reviews, along with written reviews and weekly updates about our radio show on The X.

For the most part the news, which is also featured on our show, has been about Hollywood productions. We admit we did so to appeal to the more mainstream movie fan, but the news has never really fit into what we in The Basement are really all about -- the underdog.

We are a show about genre films, B-movies and under-the-radar productions, and from here on in our news and reviews will reflect that.

We'll bring exposure to the filmmakers who love movies and want to get their smaller productions seen. We may touch on the mainstream from time to time, but that will no longer be the norm. And, quite often, we'll be doing so to slam the unoriginal, money-hungry machine that is Hollywood and encourage people to give the little guy a chance.

Naturally, we expect this might turn some movie fans off. Hopefully that won't be the case. But if it is, we're confident those who leave will be back, because you just gotta hear what we're going to say next.

We are Jason and Shawn, and we are in The Basement. Stick with us!


  1. Might you include a regular or semi-regular feature on classic genre and B-movies? I would be interested in that.

  2. We do request here in The Basement. So you bet!!