Monday, June 20, 2011

The next Wonder Woman?

If director Nicolas Winding Fefn has his way not only will DC Comics's most popular female super hero get to the big screen, but the Amazon will be embodied by Mad Men/Firefly/Life starlet Christina Hendricks.

Who's Refn? The director recently won an award at Cannes for his action film Drive starring Ryan Gosling and he's slated to helm the latest version of Logan's Run. But he told that he's long wanted to make a Wonder Woman movie and his top choice to play the heroine is Hendricks.

Judging from fanboy reaction on almost every movie-themed website I check few would have an issue with Refn's casting. I think it's safe to say we in The Basement also agree with putting Hendricks in the role because she, well, um . . . looks the part. Dye her hair black and you're good to G-O. It doesn't hurt that she can act either.

This project is a long way off, but dare to dream, boys. Dare to dream.


  1. I would pay to see her as Wonder Woman... in 3D.