Friday, June 10, 2011

Harry Potter director buys rights to Troll Hunter remake

Even before the film is released in the U.S. some A-hole American director has to go and buy the remake rights for alleged-to-be-brilliant Norwegian horror film Troll Hunter.

And by alleged I mean Shawn and I have yet to see the critically praised film and by A-hole American director I mean Chris Columbus, who is likely a very nice person. However, Columbus has been stated as saying on the Interwebs that he wants to introduce International audiences to this amazing film by remaking it.

I've got a great idea Chris, why not distribute the original film to a mass audience instead? Oh right. Sorry. I forgot. Mainstream audiences don't like to read subtitles. Silly me.

Columbus's 1492 Pictures will produce the film. We in The Basement intend to get a copy of the original Troll Hunter and review it early next season, therefor negating the need to watch the U.S. version unless we so desire.

Here's the preview for Troll Hunter.

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