Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trailer lands for The Adventures of Tintin

Not a lot of the young 'uns out there will know who Tintin is, but those of us who grew up during the 1980s will fondly remember the boy reporter who often found himself in the midst of rip-snorting adventure tales.

Now director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson have brought Herge's classic character to life via motion-capture animation. And they've recruited the voice talents of Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig and Simon Pegg to help do so.

I don't like motion capture but I do dig what I see here. That probably has more to do with seeing characters I loved from my childhood on the big screen than it does of my anticipation for the final product. I will see The Adventures of Tintin at some point, because that's the kind of cat I am, but part of me would still prefer a live-action Tintin movie.

Until then, groove on the trailer below. The film hits theatres in time for Christmas.

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  1. Given that it's Speielberg, and Jackon- and the fact that the motion captured DOES look good, I'd be interested in seeing it myself.