Monday, April 18, 2011

Statham guaranteed to kick ass at least one more time

It's no secret we in The Basement are big fans of Jason Statham. Along with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Statham is one of the few actors working today who embodies 80s action cool. Sure, the likes of Matt Damon and Brad Pitt dabble in the genre, but Statham and Johnson are the real deal.

Which is why it's always good news when a new Statham flick is announced. The Transporter/Expendables star is set to be the lead in Parker, which is based on the hero from 24 novels written by Donald Westlake. The books are about a thief with a code of honour who isn't afraid to put foot to ass from time to time.Sounds like an ideal role for Statham.

No word yet on the plot, but Statham follows Lee Marvin, Mel Gibson, Robert Duvall and Jim Brown as actors who've played the character before, although none have carried the moniker of Parker.

Ray director Taylor Hackford directs the film, which is shopping for a distributor.

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