Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Restrepo director killed in mortar attack

British journalist Tim Hetherington, the co-director of the Oscar nominated war documentary Restrepo, was killed Wednesday by mortar fire in Libya.

Hetherington was in the besieged city of Misrata covering battles between rebels and Libyan government forces when he died. Also dead is Chris Hondros, a New Yord-based photographer for Getty Images.Two others working alongside them were wounded.

According to, Hetherington's last tweet was: In the besieged city of Misrata. Indiscriminate shelling by Qaddafi forces. No sign of NATO.

This is sad news. Not only is Restrepo a great documentary, it's a great movie. It's also a good work of non-biased journalism. The world has lost a real talent and truth seeker. We in The Basement salute him.

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