Friday, April 1, 2011

Episode XXV: Carver and Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

What offends you more: the thought of being attacked by a family of homicidal backwoods hicks or a homicidal Santa Claus?

This is the question Shawn and I faced heading into tonight's films. One is an indie horror flick called Carver, the other a Finnish killer Santa Claus fantasy titled Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. One is a based on an alleged true story the other . . . is about a killer Santa Claus.

Some might think we in The Basement are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this week's offerings. We disagree. Carver is supposed to a gorehound's wet dream while Rare Exports has received rave reviews from around the globe for being a fun, alternative holiday tale. Us Basement Dwellers are up for both.

When we're not rocking the reviews and knocking back brews, Shawn I take our shots at the dumbest movie villains of all time. Sure, everyone remembers Darth Vader and Hans Gruber. But what about the bad guys who suck? Tonight, the losers get their due!

As always, we've got four new songs for your listening pleasure, the latest movie news and the lively banter you've come to expect from Film Reviews From the Basement. So tune in tonight at 10 p.m. PST on 92.5 FM CFBX Kamloops, Shaw Cable 106.1 and and get your geek on.

Some previews of tonight's attractions:


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Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

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