Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New website, trailer for Troll Hunter

This is a movie we in The Basement want to see NOW!!! We've been buzzing about Troll Hunter for some time, but have yet to track down a copy of the Norwegian film. There was an almost moment, but it quickly passed.

Now Magnolia Pictures have acquired the film for a North American release and put up a website, which promises Troll Hunter is coming soon. But soon is not soon enough, if you know what I know what I know.

There's also a new trailer, which we have included below. Because we know movie geeks never get enough of trailers. I know Shawn and I don't . . . even though they often tell us lies.

Here's hoping Troll Hunter ends up being as much fun as it looks. We will keep you updated on its pending release as details come in.

And now the preview:

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